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MRB’s website templates, training, and connections put you in the driver’s seat for success.

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State of the Art Education, CRM Software, and Mentorship helps YOU achieve your real estate goals

MRB’s State of the Art training and technology allows for constant education and practical use for Real Estate investing. Real, live, and personal Mentorship available.

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Discover all the practical insights used by millionaire investors in My Real Estate Business

We specialize in proven techniques used to master the Real Estate market, from wholesale to renting to flipping, regardless of market conditions.

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My Real Estate Education

Our multifaceted support team is ready to help you with your every need

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or require assistance, My Real Estate Business’ team is always here to help.

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Getting started in Real Estate investing can seem overwhelming. Where do you begin? The MRB team developed a training system that gives you all the Real Estate knowledge you need to know, from A to Z. Just as you learned to read one letter at a time, or walk one step at a time, so too you will learn how to invest in Real Estate correctly, one piece at a time. Whether you’re looking to own a few rentals or become a full-time investor, we have you covered.


Through years of teaching others our own systems of successful Real Estate investing, we’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum designed to share as much insight as possible.

Real Estate Know How

Real Estate is a phrase tossed around almost carelessly lately, and with some apprehension after 2008. But it still remains one of the surest investments. So what makes one a successful Real Estate Investor? Does the Great Recession still factor into investing? My Real Estate Business has the answers to your questions. Combine your passion with our precision. Your excitement with our experience. Then develop your Real Estate know-how with practical, results-driven methods.


Markets. Metrics. Management. MRB offers multiple facets of Real Estate training to help you grow. Use our expert house-finding techniques, negotiating suggestions, and market/house assessment tactics. Use our state-of-the art CRM software to make decisions and stand out from your competition. From building a list of potentials, to making the first contact, to finding ready investors, you’ll be equal to professional investors.

MRB HAS A Plan, No Matter Your Experience

Seasoned Pro looking for an edge? Still developing your first Real Estate investment idea? The My Real Estate Business team has something to teach you. Our system and procedures are designed to teach every angle of Real Estate, even if you’ve never owned a home before. We meet you where you are, tailoring your experience with us to your overall experience.


Use the power of strategic training, education, and websites to grow your Real Estate business. Social media, driving traffic, branding, list building, utilizing public domain data, web presence, and more play key roles in developing real word, Real Estate investments. MRB helps you become a pro online as well as in the real world.


My Real Estate Business is the collaboration of skilled Real Estate Investors, experienced Online Entrepreneurs, and dedicated coaches. Using their decades of success and accomplishments, they have come together with the same goal--to help you achieve your Real Estate dreams.

My Real Estate Business utilizes advanced computer software for training, evaluating, and investing purposes. We take pride in our approach to sound investments and are committed to sharing our successes with others.

No experience? That’s okay! We want to work hand in hand with you to develop personalized strategies no matter you Real Estate history. We want to develop future investors, as well as peers who we may even work with. This is our vision.

My Real Estate Business selects only courses, training, and consulting services that will take your Real Estate growth to new heights.


Do you prefer to learn on your own and at your own pace? Or do you crave highly interactive group settings? My Real Estate Business is designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Our training system will teach you every aspect of Real Estate investment: passive and wholesale investing, flipping houses, rentals, assisting investors and intern programs, and even commercial opportunities. You’ll get decades’-worth of insights from successful investors so you can leverage all these real estate tactics.

BONUSES: You’ll be off to a running start with our one of a kind training program, CRM software, and website templates.

Our software will help you analyze deals with ease, make solid investment decisions, and you’ll be able to present yourself to the marketplace like a pro.

We’ll hand you our proven website templates. You’ll also have Use them to leverage your marketplace presence and capture leads.

Plus, you’ll have a coach who will work with you one-on-one to solve specific problems, create a vision, and achieve actionable goals.

You’ll also get access to our media library, live calls, and webinars. And much, much more!


Your time is valuable. That’s why the MRB system is designed so that you can pace yourself. You can also choose to work in a group setting and with a mentor. Our coaches, our support staff, and others involved in My Real Estate Business are available at many different times, and in many different ways to help facilitate your growth. If you ever need assistance, advice or just want to share, we’re here to listen.

Break Through The Confusion

Real Estate Made Simple. It can seem overwhelming when you first realize how much is involved with Real Estate investing. But, as with most profitable and exciting ventures, it's not so bad once you learn one small thing after another. The My Real Estate Business training is an effective way to learn as you go.


Don’t stumble from the start. Learn the right things to do and when to do them with our comprehensive Real Estate training system.

Find Real Estate online with the best tools available, including cutting-edge CRM software, targeted and Facebook ads, social media, list marketing, branding, and insightful tips on how to use certain websites and databases to find deals. MRB’s state of the art system helps you find deals just waiting to be made. Start a business, find deals, and then find the buyers and renters.

After spending years growing our own personal and company investments, we began to teach others and share our success with them. Many become successful, with some still doing deals with us today. A few actually joined us when we founded My Real Estate Business as mentors and they will work alongside you. Combined, we have decades of experience in Real Estate, marketing, and more to share with you. And it begins immediately.

A Wealth of Solutions

At My Real Estate Business, we truly want to deliver a bang for your buck. Not only that, we truly believe in helping others find success in Real Estate and business, AND also in life. It means a lot to us to help others reach their goals, even non-business related ones. Living a quality life matters to us.

When you join us, you get access to: decades of experience carefully crafted into a procedural training system; a programs built of individual components so that it can be customized; interactive media and live calls; webinars with our staff and student investors; personal and group coaching through our mentorship programs; and specific examples of what’s worked for us in the past; and so much more.

Top Notch 24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 phone support and our email response is world class. Whether you have questions before joining My Real Estate Business, highly specific questions (which often occurs in Real Estate), or the desire to share what’s happening to you, you can expect a swift response from the MRB support staff, as well as your coach.

We believe in winning our customers through high-quality products, services, and customer support. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. (That’s another thing we teach: Customer service is important for your success as well. A happy buyer, seller, investor, or renter means a happy you.).


We know that learning and implementing many things at once can be difficult. That’s why our products, services, and support are set up around your experience. We believe the quality we provide can’t be matched anywhere else. Try us out...We look forward to hearing from you!

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